“I’m in the hope restoration business.”

That’s how Dr. Squire sees what she does. Her mission is to use all the traditional methods for pain relief and new strategies such as Prolotherapy, PRP and soft tissue techniques to alleviate pain and get people back to doing what they love. Integral to this process is giving patients hope, by seeing the treatment gaps and opportunities others do not.

Simply put, Dr. Squire has one seriously powerful variety of tools and experience. A physician since 1989, she has specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain since 2008. Dissatisfied with standard training and education, Dr. Squire set out on a journey of discovery across North America, to learn and then combine techniques traditionally used separately by a variety of clinicians – including specialized forms of nervous system and fascial evaluation, and training in muscle and postural imbalance.

Pain medicine as a specialty in Canada did not even have a standard training program until a national team of experts, including Dr. Squire, was mandated to create it by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. She also co-authored the chapter on assessment of chronic pain in the world’s authoritative book on the subject, Bonica’s Management of Pain.

As she says, “Medication is an important tool but there are many others. My ultrasound machine, for example is a very powerful tool many doctors don’t use, which allows me to find and treat problems that medications cannot. It’s like the old saying: ‘the more tools you have, the less everything looks like a nail.’”

Dr. Squire is a Clinical Associate Professor with the UBC Department of Medicine, where she creates curriculum and teaches for undergraduate and postgraduate physicians. She is certified by the International Society of Addiction Medicine, holds Advanced Diplomat status with the American Academy of Pain Management, and has received several awards for her innovative work.

She is especially fond of this quote attributed to Maya Angelou:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Additional Background

  • Dr. Squire has developed highly specialized expertise in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue pain and is especially interested in evaluating the role that ligaments, muscles, joints, nerves, posture and fascial adhesions play in any individual pain condition.
  • She was on the national team of experts chosen to develop the first training program to certify pain specialist doctors in Canada.
  • She co-wrote the chapter on the assessment of chronic pain in Bonica’s Management of Pain, one of the world’s authoritative books on the subject.
  • She trained with experts in the United States to learn advanced skills in posture assessment, and therefore understands when posture and muscle imbalance are contributing to pain and loss of movement. In the United States Dr. Squire also learned how to do a specialized form of nervous system examination: Quantitative Sensory Pain Testing.
  • She uses ultrasound where appropriate, allowing her to find and treat many problems much more accurately.
  • Dr. Squire uses advanced methods of evaluation including ultrasound guided diagnostic blocks, quantitative sensory testing (for neuropathic pain or conditions with abnormal pain processing), a detailed postural evaluation (after extensive training with Anatomy Trains) and evaluation of the fascial system (after training in the Stecco technique) in addition to a detailed history and physical examination because most traditional tests (such as X-ray, CT, MRI, Bone Scans, and Nerve Conduction Studies) do not show pain.
  • Dr. Squire is certified by the International Society of Addiction Medicine and holds Advanced Diplomat status with the American Academy of Pain Management.
  • She is a Clinical Associate Professor with the UBC Department of Medicine and is involved in medical education and curriculum development for both undergraduate and post-graduate physicians.
  • She is a community instructor for the UBC Pain Medicine Residency Training Program.
  • She is one of the founders of Pain BC, was a core contributor to the Pain Practice Support Guideline and a member of the Providence Health Care RACE Pain Hotline.
  • Dr. Squire has received a number of awards including::
    • 2008 inaugural Helen Hays award for excellence in pain management
    • 2010 Academic Pain Educator of the Year award by the American Society of Pain Educators
    • 2015 Pain Champion of the Year: Presented by Pain BC
    • 2019 BC College of Family Physicians Coin Award May 2019 for contributions in the areas of pain science and translation to cutting edge treatment modalities